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It’s ART – Gallery

It’s ART – Gallery” is a promoting art platform. A group of artists’ project created to allow exposing and promoting their artworks. A space to show collections of art objects: paintings, sculptures and many other forms of art & crafts. #Art

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VIMUSART is an eclectic and varied YouTube channel posting re-created and “reinvented” video clips, mainly featuring some singers and music performers.

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Tu Profe Xpress

An organization created by qualified teachers producing video-lessons and exercises in the fields of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for high academic degrees.

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CreaOSS / Creative Open Source Studio

CreaOSS (Creative Open Source Studio) is an open source oriented and blockchain based project aiming to become a video production platform. The project is an initiative born to promote the use of open source software in the fields of video and movie production, audiovisual communication and creative arts. 

The project is currently facing the early stages of development and conceptualization. The website is displaying a prototype of the concept for its further deployment and implementation.

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BIOPrintable / Biotech project

BIOPrintable project is an on-line initiative aiming to become an informational data center (hub) and a collaborative platform offering integrated solutions for users and professionals related to bioprinting technologies.

BIOPrintable Logo